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Survey Tools


Our research team has scientifically developed and tested survey instruments that can be used at the worksite as part of a comprehensive occupational health and safety program. These surveys have been peer-reviewed and published in the scientific literature. If you use any of these survey at your worksite, please share with us your experience so that we can improve the utility of these survey instruments. 

Fatigue Assessment Scale for Commerical
Construction Workers

The Fatigue Assessment Scale for Construction Workers (FASCW) was developed by our research team with the goal of creating a survey instrument capable of assessing self-reported mental and physical fatigue in commercial construction workers.  A scientific report detailing the development, validity and reliability testing of the survey is available here. We are currently developing cutoff scores to categorize risk based on the fatigue score. Please contact Dr Caban-Martinez with questions about the use of the scale or if your worksite is using the scale (

Survey Instrument to Assess Knowledge, Practices, Attidudes and Organizational Policies about Ergonomics among Commerical Construction Workers

The Ergonomics assessment survey is currently under development and will be posted here shortly. 

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